Sol RE seeks to define a new era of real estate through tokenization in partnership with Vertalo.

Welcome to the REvolution, Sol Community! : ) As many of you know, my heart pumps 'decentralization' into my blood. There are no centralized solutions to the worlds problems. I'd like to demystify the term 'decentralization' a bit as well. To put it simply, I consider it to be a basic movement from centralized governance, to community governance. We need more healthy, thriving communities everywhere. I believe progress towards community ownership of real estate is a critical aspect towards the formation of thriving communities, and that's a big part of why Sol RE exists.

It's true that corporations are inherently centralized, especially in their infancy stages. They need to be in order to respond quickly to shifting market opportunities. But the goal for entrepreneurs who seek to build something with great impact, is to create something that can take on a life of its own and transcend any one individuals efforts. My goal is to grow Sol RE ever more into a community driven project that aims to enhance community all over the globe. And I'd like to take another small baby step towards this goal by sharing my first draft of a press release announcing Sol RE's technology partnership with Vertalo in the coming weeks.

Without further adu... the first draft. I'd love to know if it resonates with you, or if you have any questions. I still need to create an FAQ section on the website, so any questions you send my way are extremely valuable 🙏!

1st draft.... (this draft is likely to change as feedback rolls in - cheers!)

Draft Title: Sol RE Seeks to Define a New Era of Real Estate Through Tokenization in Partnership with Vertalo

One of the most compelling use cases for blockchain technology is arguably the tokenization of traditionally illiquid assets, none more so than real estate. Yet, until now, the technology has been under utilized in the real estate sector. Sol RE is seeking to change that in a big way, by making real estate investment and ownership a significantly more liquid investment option for just about anybody. Founded by Mike Thomas and Matthew Lawler, Sol RE brings a wealth of commercial and multifamily real estate investment experience into the burgeoning asset-backed crypto and security token scene. Sol RE has chosen to partner with one of the most experienced teams in the security token space, Vertalo, to offer fractional real estate investment and ownership to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

“Traditionally, real estate investment has been available only to the wealthiest individuals and family offices. It’s extremely time-consuming to find great real estate investments, and even more costly and time consuming to close a deal. Our goal is to appeal to established real estate investors, as well as expand the market to anyone who wants to start to diversify their portfolio’s into real estate. My founding partner, Mike Thomas, principle at TIC Capital, has proven himself to be one of the most capable people on the planet in sourcing great real estate deals for investors, and we are excited to be opening up this opportunity to include more people. There are a lot of crypto millionaires being born right now, and we want to serve them better than anybody else in terms of being able to easily diversify into the hardest asset on the planet — real estate.” - Matthew Lawler

Sol RE plans to focus their real estate investment projects on the multifamily sector, as well as taking advantage of state designated opportunity zones, which may provide a shelter for investors who would otherwise be stuck paying hefty capital gains on their investments. 

But innovation at Sol RE doesn’t stop at tokenizing real estate. The mission driven team envisions a future in which the primary real estate ownership model is much more community driven and enables greater mobility for owners.

“Our research, and many conversations we’re having with people indicate that there is a huge appetite out there for increased mobility. Especially now in this post COVID era, with remote work increasingly the norm, many people can work from anywhere. For some, the only thing tying them down is their real estate investment. We’re really excited to give people a simple and easy way to have ownership in a real estate fund that can be a gateway for them to access living in prime locations throughout the United States, and ultimately the globe. We’ve already seen the trend, lead by millennials, who in many cases prefer access over ownership. We’ve seen what Uber did to Taxi and ride-sharing industries. We’ve seen what AirBnB has done for travel and hospitality industries. We see the game changing for more permanent, and semi-permanent family living situations, and we’d like to lead the way. ” — Matthew Lawler

Sol RE’s first project is a $22M equity raise on an approximately $100M luxury townhome community complex in Tempe, Arizona, one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States. They plan to follow with similar projects in regions throughout the United States with plans to launch a diversified real estate fund later this year. Sol RE is seeking to connect with investors and families who would like to have real estate ownership and greater mobility, to understand how to best serve the growing demand.

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